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September 10, 2009
Sheep Sanctuary SOLD
September 10, 2009
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Wildfire Afternoon SOLD

I painted this experimental watermedia piece on Yupo* several summers ago during an extreme drought in Colorado. There was an almost constant smoky haze and odor in the air from the many wildfires around the region.
I thought the intense hot colors of red, orange and rose had to be counter-balanced by shots of blues and greens. I couldn’t control the intensity of the weather, but I could control the environment of my painting.
This painting was juried into the 2002 Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club Exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York City.
It sold in 2004 to a collector in the Eastern U.S.
*Yupo is a plastic sheet paper used by watermedia artists. It has no absorption qualities and is great for experimental processes.

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