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June 16, 2016
Butterflies Are Watching (Diptych)
August 20, 2016
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Old World

Collage on Cradled Board

22″ wide x 32″ long


This collage has been hanging around begging to be refined and finished for a long time.  I always loved the sky and the looming and distant spires, but the lower portion just was not coming together the way I wanted it to.  I knew I had to simplify the message.  So I just gathered a pile of domes and towers images from travel brochures and such and started layering them on.  There are images of Istanbul, Scandinavia, Italy, Greece, even Disneyland.  There is a lot to look at and is a perfect example of my “more is more” aesthetic.  I guess I am a maximumist (is that a word?)

This collage was done a hardboard panel and the artwork wraps around the sides.


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