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November 13, 2011
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November 13, 2011
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I decided to return to one of my favorite ways of doing art: abstract design on yupo paper using liquid acrylics. This piece began as a demonstration of a colorful substrate in my “Adventures in Mixed Media Class” at the Art Center.
I brought it home and painted it as another in my series of “collective-consciousness” primitive god-like images. Other works in the series include “Ghosts of Africa” and “We Will Take Care of You”. I keep on wanting to title these pieces “I think they’re trying to tell us something” but I have come to understand that indeed that is why I paint them: to find out what “they” are trying to say. I hope I never find out because I do not want to stop the process. I just purchased a whole pile of yupo paper so that I may continue to work in this series.
I call it “Doppelganger” because of the two remaining circle shapes that refused to be subdued as I worked.
It is 26 x32 inches and is for sale for $1500.00, matted and framed.

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