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August 30, 2011
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October 31, 2011
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Bill’s Tree SOLD

My former hairdresser, Bill, had an intriguing weeping mulberry tree in his front yard. It was full of intertwined branches in the winter and full of birds in the nicer weather. I always loved to walk by it on my way to his hair salon. Bill passed away in April 2012.
I attempted this rendition of a weeping mulberry in his memory. It uses the process of depouillage which is the fancy french word for peeling away collaged materials. First, I collaged many pieces to represent leaves and branches and colors and then I scraped and pulled many of the pieces off. I followed this by applying metallic papers and paint.
This piece is on a 16×20 inch cradled board.
This piece sold at the 2013 KAFM auction.

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